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Organic Castor/Tea Tree Essential Blend For Cysts

Oil from the castor plant (Ricinis communis) may help cysts in the same vein as apple cider vinegar or tea tree.

Research shows that castor oil is antimicrobial. It’s notably effective at killing bacteria that live in the skin, which can cause acne and cysts, and has the added benefit of being one of the only plant oils that deeply penetrate the dermis.

Keep in mind that castor oil isn’t proven by medical professionals as a cure for all cysts. It’s unlikely to help all types of cysts, only the types caused by bacteria, although I have personally had great success on ganglions, sebaceous and acne cysts.

To use:

Wannabee offers 100 percent pure and organic castor oil. Only purchase products from trustworthy sources.

Put one drop of Wannabee's castor oil blend on your finger and apply to the cyst. Cover with bandaid and replace 2x per day.

Apply more if needed, as often as needed. A few times, each day is recommended.

Avoid ingesting castor oil if you’re pregnant or allergic to the substance. Also, be aware that it can cause diarrhea if consumed.

15ml or 30ml dropper

Organic Castor/Tea Tree Essential Blend For Cysts

PriceFrom C$19.00



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