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Juniper & Siberian Fir Glycerin Bar

'Juniper & Siberian Fir' Glycerin Soap Bars

Offering superior humectant and astringent properties by drawing moisture from the air, Wannabee's pure hemp seed oil glycerin bars are a saviour for dry flaky skin. These are great for those suffering pimples or acne.


Glycerin is a naturally occurring by-product of cold process soap making. It is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the air. It is a colorless sweet tasting, viscous (thick) liquid. Most 'big' companies remove the glycerin in their soap making process, add a bunch of chemicals and sell the extracted glycerin for other purposes, resulting in bars that dry out your skin and are far less safe than homemade bars.

By now most of you know I’m a soap maker. I have a small business that makes more than 200 bars a month and it’s still growing. I sell a lot of soap!

How Glycerin is Made

As I stated above, glycerin is a by-product of soap making. It can come from other sources, but soap making is by far the most common source. When you combine lye and water with oils, it saponifies and becomes soap. Actually, the end product is ⅔ soap and ⅓ glycerin. The glycerin is then usually taken out and sold to other companies such as fertilizer and explosives manufacturers. If you refine the solid soap, add sugar and alcohol, and skim off the impurities, you get a glycerin soap base.

My handcrafted hemp seed oil glycerin soaps are 100% natural glycerin, resulting in luxurious soaps that keep your skin smooth and soft.

Glycerin on its own creates Luxury bars that are beyond the pale. Super hydrating, great foam ability and safe for ALL skin types, including the most delicate of skin. Glycerin bars are also Hypoallergenic!

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Juniper & Siberian Fir Glycerin Bar




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