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Planting My Garden For The Birds & Bees

Updated: May 19, 2021

City living has it's ups and downs. It's certainly convenient, easy to find shops, we're close to amenities etc...But, unless you're close to parkland there isn't a lot of biodiversity, at least not as obvious as country living. Lot's of paved roads, lots of structures, but not a lot wild creatures. Sure we have raccoons, a variety of birds, opossums, squirrels and the like, but I'm an insect/snake/bunny kind of girl too. I love bears, wolves and wild cats. We just don't see them here in downtown Hamilton, and must travel if we want to enjoy Ontario's vast wild animal populations.

I'm fortunate enough to be able to travel distance to see and experience these beautiful things, however, many people don't have vehicles or work odd hours or just don't have the resources. There's really nothing quite like waking up with nature all around you. No background hum of automobiles, ambulances or firetrucks.

It wasn't that long ago that I myself was stuck. Stuck in a lousy job, stuck in the city, stuck up to my eyeballs it seemed. I longed for nature, for solitude and quietude. Without a lot of money, it seemed like a feat, BUT, I did it. I made my tiny cityscape backyard into an inviting sanctuary for both myself and all of the local creatures. It's a work in progress and constantly changing, but all creatures great and small are welcome. I installed a very small pond and added some goldfish, which is very inviting for skunks, opossum and raccoon. I also noticed that I started getting a lot of butterflies, bees and birds which I found intriguing. Creatures of the night AND of the day. Each of them attracted to the sound of water.

I truly enjoy seeing these animals and insects and started planting for them. Sunflowers attract squirrels, birds and bees, Parsley for monarch butterflies, Chamomile for more bees, Raspberry, Currants and Wild Blueberry for more birds. I've found that this particular variety of plants work for me and keeps the rascals away from my small veggie and herb gardens. These plants, and the few lilac trees and Saskatoon Berry tree, along with my little flowing pond help drown out the traffic as well. My own little oasis. Who could ask for anything more?

Until next time...Bee safe, bee well and bee thoughtful.


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Unknown member
Oct 23, 2022

I live in a rural town so I get to see wildlife all the time, however we do plan on moving to the country...even off grid! I love nature, water especially. My husband and I have traveled/vacationed all over beautiful many amazing places!!


I cannot wait to have the space to have my own little garden oasis! I have family who live on a farm, and have a nature garden, and I love to see what wildlife comes around.

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