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Who Knew.....?

Interesting Tidbits: Did you know that Loofah Sponges (Botanical Name: Luffa Cylindrica) aren't really sponges at all? They're actually the membrane of an unusual edible squash. The squash itself is only eaten while quite small, after which it becomes bitter and stringy. If left to fully mature before picking, the fruit grows quite large, the skin dries out, and if peeled only the fibrous loofah (as we know it) filled with seeds remains.

From seed, to harvest, to 'sponge', takes between 8-9 months! They're wonderful exfoliators, increasing circulation and sloughing off dead skin, but long before they were used in showers, loofah membranes were used as dish scouring pads, especially useful for pots and pans! They're non abrasive, so, safe to use on glass top stoves, ceramics, excellent for tubs, sinks and windows! They can even be utilized as carrot and potato peelers!! 😲 What a fabulous, long lasting, environmentally friendly alternative to the cellulose sponges and plastic scrapers we use!! Plus, they're machine washable (hang to dry), and compostable when they start falling apart! ❤ $6.50 each or 2/$10

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