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This Thanksgiving....

Please read.....🙏

Thank you so very much to EveryOne of you for your continued support. I'm am grateful beyond measure! This has been an absolutely amazing journey for me, and as my little business evolves and grows, so does my heart.

This coming week is my final week of personal deliveries until November, as I ready the New Store. I will be shipping throughout Ontario still, but door drops are on hold after next weekend, so please get orders in early this week, and take advantage of my brand new products on Clearance, in old packaging.

Please don't stop your communication (good or bad), your suggestions, your referrals and your mutual affection for this beautiful planet we ALL call home. 🌎

I'm here to answer any questions you may have, and you can expect nothing short of a forthcoming and honest response about each and every one of my products, and the Earth friendly ingredients I use. 🌿🌹🌲🍀

As each of Us does our own small part, I envision a brighter, less chemically dependent future for our children, grandchildren and beyond, AND a happier and healthier planet Earth for ALL of it's inhabitants (especially the bees)

During the past 5 years, particularly the past 2 years of covid, I'm seeing some pretty phenomenal occurrences. Although there is much strife in our world, I prefer to seek out the Good. Helpfulness, mindfulness, and a kinder and gentler human connection are much more prevalent. There's nothing more heartwarming to me than that ❤

I have so much to be Thankful for, each and every day. My son lost his leg to cancer, just short of 6 years ago, BUT he is still cancer free. He is humbled by his experience and is an Amazing and very talented young man. Keep an eye out for some really neat stuff he's working on with me for the store. My daughter is an Amazing human. Talented and wise, she brings me so much Joy. She's also going to create some products for me as well, that I know you're going to love. And lastly, my baby brother...I'm sure you've seen him on my deliveries. He was born with Williams Syndrome and is developmentally delayed. He's resided full time with me since we lost our Mother almost 7 yrs ago. We have our ups and downs, as he doesn't process things the way most do, but this guy is really great at carrying boxes and helping me move stuff. He is my resident rearranger of furniture and delivery picker upper. I'll be making him some soap and he's going to be decorating it, in order to sell it at the New digs for Christmas. Please consider buying a bar from him. He'd be over the moon🐝

This Thanksgiving Weekend and Every day from the last to the next , I give thanks for the most important things. My Family & their health, my Dear Friends and their health, and all of the New friends I make along the way (that means YOU)

Thank you for accompanying me on this crazy, wild journey. Can't wait to finally put faces to names. See you at the next stop 🥰

Wendy xo 🐝

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Patricia Robinson
Patricia Robinson
Oct 09, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!🧡

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