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It's Been Awhile...

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Tip: Avoid ALL Products with Acrylate Co-Polymers

Another sneaky plastic derivative being added to 'Natural' body washes and scrubs. You know those tiny little micro beads touted as exfoliators? They're plastic and extremely unsafe for our waterways and marine life.

One of my former packaging suppliers has their own line of beauty supplies for resale, and they're adding microbeads to a few of their products. Of concern, one product in particular, a Lava body wash, is loaded with Acrylate co-polymers, yet they claim their wash as Natural? Their product description is lovely and the thought of Lava rock is enticing, but Lava dust & plastic beads...No thank you! The phenoxyethanol preservative is a no no too (See pictures)

Picture #1 Ingredients

Acrylate polymers and co-polymers are commonly used in dentistry and many other biomedical applications, cosmetics and artificial nail products, such as eyelashes, nail enhancing polishes, nail builders, artificial nails and to help artificial nails mold to the natural nail plate as an adhesive, hair fixatives, in marine phytoplankton as a poisonous defense against predators such as protozoa, and oil seals and packaging that are related to automobiles. Yet, we're putting this crap on our bodies, down our drains and into our lakes, rivers and oceans 😪

Picture #2 Description

If you're looking for an exfoliator, look for truly natural products, like crushed apricot shell, coffee grounds, crushed walnut shell etc....Be a rebel! Say NO to these harmful chemicals!

Say YES to these:

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