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I'm just putting it out here that I'm feeling extremely grateful and thankful today.

I can't possibly name everyone, but to those of you who have supported both myself and my business from the beginning, and to all of you since, I can't thank you enough for your continued support, your trust in both me and my products, and your recommendations to family and friends!

6 years ago my mom was terminally ill with brain cancer, my son had undiagnosed leg pain (that turned out to be cancer, resulting in the loss of his leg at 23 yrs old) and my developmentally delayed brother had to move here to Hamilton, as my mother could no longer care for him. I'd recently lost my long term job, which turned out to be a blessing, and I honestly didn't know how I was going to pull off all of the changes that I was encountering, or whether or not I could handle all of the emotions that were scourging through my mind. I couldn't possibly take care of 3 sick people, let alone myself. Or could I?

And hey, I'm not looking for sympathy. There are people in far worse circumstances. I'm a pretty independent lady, a trooper, my life has been a series of ups and downs, mostly ups, and I rarely share of myself. I'm just sharing a little about me today, so you understand my deep gratitude.

Well, my mother passed away May 2015, my son was diagnosed with cancer 13 days later, and my brother, well he's my baby brother. A lot of you know him. He's a memorable fellow. You've more than likely seen him at my shows, or traveling with me on my deliveries. If you haven't met him yet, you will. He's a very sociable guy and loves meeting people.

I have to admit, those were pretty crappy times. I needed a job; quick! So, I applied for several positions as a bookkeeper, and was offered 3 of them after our interview. I ended up turning all 3 offers down, because my obligations at home surpassed and conflicted with 9 to 5. Everything was different and I had no support at home. I still desperately needed to work. My mother had died, my son was going through chemo, my brother was 24/7. There had to be another way. I'd been in business prior, so I pulled up my socks, pulled together my expertise and started freelance bookkeeping. I could stay home and watch over my son and my brother, and I could do company books from home. And that's exactly what I did. It allowed me time to explore, to crochet again, to learn to make organic scented wax melts! They were the new big thing. Mine would be organic though. Something different, something original. A niche in the market. I had a beekeeper, whom I regularly bought honey from, and started purchasing beeswax from him too. Just for my organic melts.

I made a LOT of wax melts. I did craft shows the odd weekend to sell my wares, and they sold! They sold out! So I made more, branched into lip balms and hand balms, and they sold.

My love of creating chemical free wares and sharing my products wasn't new. I'd been making a lot of my own cosmetics/lotions for years. One of my oldest friends, for close to 40 years, encouraged me to go for it. So here I am, thankful, grateful and truly blessed.

A gorgeous male cardinal visited my yard last year, at this time, and I've come across the picture again.

In the face of covid-19 and the restrictions we're living with, I've decided, as kooky as it may sound, to embrace this time of my life. Covid and all. I can't change it, or eradicate it. I can make a conscious effort to realize, it is what it is. I'm grateful for the time I have to listen to and see the gorgeous birds visiting my little yard. I'm grateful to be writing again (my first love), albeit not a book, but to all of you. I'm grateful my son is alive and beat the beast. I'm grateful to live in a country where we have free health care (for the most part), and a sane elected leader. I'm grateful for you. Thankful you're here and reading this. Thankful you're at home, and healthy. I'm just incredibly glad that I do what I do, and that I can share all of it with you.

Thanks for taking the time. Stay Safe, Be Well.




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Unknown member
Oct 31, 2022

I'm so grateful to have found your site! I'm so happy with your products! Thank you for sharing your story.

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