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Have You Ever Heard Of Champaca? Trust Me When I Tell You, It’s A Name You Won’t Soon Forget…..

Updated: May 26, 2020

It’s difficult describing this scent, as there is absolutely no way to do it justice with words alone. A silky, velvety smooth, exotic combination of woodsy, earthy, balancing, with slightly floral undertones and a hint of citrus. Even this description pales in comparison to the scent exuded by this glorious Magnolia Champaca flower. Widely used in the most expensive perfumes worldwide and one of the predominant oils used in a 1929 French perfume “Joy”, that was created by Henri Almeras for French designer Jean Patou to chase the ‘Great Depression’ blues away for his clients, who could no longer afford his clothing. The Patou company changed hands several times in the past 90 years. Christian Dior becoming synonymous with the perfume name in the last few years, (although it is not the original scent, but a close 2nd).

Imagine this: It takes upwards of 12,000 Magnolia Champaca flowers to create 1oz of oil. Found mainly in South and East Asia, the fruit, leaves and flowers have been utilized for centuries in both Ayurvedic and Siddha medicine, treating such ailments as gout, leprosy, cough, headaches, depression, menstrual cramps and colic. Champaca Absolute is a natural insecticide, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and has wonderful astringent benefits as well. Some of the finest furniture in the world is made with Magnolia wood.

When I originally purchased Champaca Absolut last Autumn, my intent was to craft gifts for my family, but life got in the way and it was literally pushed into the back of my fridge, in my little tray of ‘very expensive’ oils, such as Organic Roman Chamomile, Cocoa Absolute, Neroli Absolute and Organic Sandalwood, to name a few. When I was Spring cleaning just over a month ago, I found it thank goodness! At over $400 CDN for 2 small ounces, I'd never forgive myself had I lost it. I’d honestly forgotten about this little gem and once found, I wondered how I could incorporate it into a few products that would be loved by men and women alike, without having to price my product so out of the ballpark, making it nothing more than an unaffordable extravagance.

This has all happened during this crazy Covid ride we’re all on, and sadly, packaging is at a premium now. Caps and pumps are out of stock at ALL of my suppliers, and the bottles available are nothing like my brand, which I suppose has no bearing if I can’t get caps. I was lucky enough to purchase a few dozen gorgeous PET bottles, that fortunately pair with some high-end lotion pumps I’ve been holding on to for a Special product release. I’m passing this info on, because when I claim ‘Limited Edition’, I mean limited! I have 25 Limited Release boxes for Men, and 25 Limited Release for Women. That’s it! These will not last! Please keep your fingers crossed that I can get supplies by year end, so I have the opportunity to offer more of these INCREDIBLE products to those of you who miss this opportunity. If all goes well, my plan is to have a co-ordinating perfume available in each scent for Autumn.

What you’ll receive in your Limited Edition Boxes:


1 x 215ml bottle of Champaka Noir After Shave Lotion

1 x 150gm bar of Champaka Noir Goat Milk Hair & Body Soap Bar

1 x 250ml bottle of Champaka Noir Body Wash


1 x 215ml bottle of Champaka Blanc Face and Body Lotion

1 x 150gm bar of Champaka Blanc Goat Milk Facial Soap Bar

1 x 150gm tub of Champaka Blanc After Shower Dusting Powder

Champaka Noir is lovingly blended with a head note of citrus and myrrh (which will form your initial impression of the scent), a middle note of black pepper and cardamom, and a base note of Champaca. A very balancing, unassuming, yet masculine, complex aromatic profile.

Champaka Blanc is an exotic combination, with a head note of jasmine, a middle note of citrus and rose geranium, and a base note of Champaca. A deliciously light, earthy and heady aroma that stays with you all day.

99% of ingredients in the above products are organically sourced, phthalate free, petroleum free. Dusting powder is Talc free and utilizes only top end organically sourced ingredients (a must have for women during the summer months, as it helps absorb perspiration. Great for men too for their nether regions – sweat zone, preventing rashes and irritation).

Although I’ve labeled each Limited Edition box for Men or for Women exclusively, both are in fact Unisex.

Each box is offered at the Introductory, discounted price of $89 (taxes inclusive). Reg price $99 (taxes inclusive)

*Champaka dusting powder will still be available after boxes are sold, although made to order only. Champaka soaps will be available in limited quantities as well. Unfortunately, lotions will be unavailable until packaging is sorted out and availability is resumed by my suppliers.

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