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Deceptive Practices 

FYI (repost from my original post in the Summer) Almost 30 years as a maker of Organic household products and canning a variety of organic foods, mainly for my own personal use or consumption, has taught me many, many things.... Nothing is more frustrating than seeing other makers tout their products as Organic, or handcrafted, especially when they contain many non-organic volatile ingredients, or are pre made by big chemical companies and just poured and relabeled with a few drops of essential oil added to the already finished product. Tons are just downright dangerous and this is an incredibly deceptive practice!! It is not only a moral obligation, but a legal obligation for me to disclose my ingredients to you and I cannot knowingly call a product Organic or Handmade, if it is not! I'm not sure whether it's ignorance or deception, but please, please read your labels as there is so much dishonesty out there and hidden dangerous chemicals too! Rest assured, my products are what I say they are, and I encourage my customers to ask me questions, to be informed and to learn about the dangers and hazards of a number of chemicals that are being utilized in products that claim Natural or Organic status, and those that don't. I handcraft ALL of my products and will never make deceptive or dishonest claims. What we put in and on our bodies is extremely important, and it's equally as important for you, your family, your pet, our waterways and our Earth to understand the products you're utilizing. It's up to you, the consumer to ask questions, especially if something looks or sounds odd on a label. If the seller cannot give or provide accurate and knowledgeable answers, do yourself a favour and buy from someone else. The majority of real and organic beauty and household products usually have no more the 4 or 5 ingredients. If there are more, or there are ingredients you can't pronounce, or that you have no idea about...PLEASE ask! You have the right to know, and we, as sellers have the responsibility to inform in a truthful and simple to understand manner. I encourage you to reach out to me and ask me anything, even something you may find trivial. There is no such thing as a silly question and I'll endeavor to answer in a clear and concise manner 😉 Thank you for taking the time to read 😊 Peace, Wendy Post Script: I implore you to stop using/putting products with Phenoxyethanol, a common preservative, on your faces! Your face is a gateway to your sinuses, your heart (through blood vessels in your mouth) and your brain. It's a known carcinogen (cancer causing), hormone disruptor and tumor inhibitor, among myriad of other nasty effects. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid it like the plague, as it can be extremely dangerous for baby, and products containing this chemical should never be used on children! 😥 If anyone tells you it's safe, they are woefully incorrect and misinformed!!

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