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CBD Oil Myths

PSA (Public Service Announcement)

I get a lot of emails. Customer messages, questions about products, questions about ingredients etc...

For the past year or so, I've also been relentlessly bombarded by sellers of CBD oil, encouraging me to purchase their oils for use in my products. They tout the huge benefits for pain relief, sore joints etc..."Add it to your balms & butters", they say. "Add it to your bath bombs", and "It’s great for marketing your products!"

Folks, I've been working with this and other oils, for personal use for decades. That being said...It's Illegal to sell CBD oil in my products. It's classified as a drug, it's unregulated and other than their claims about marketing, it's absolute BS. I can't say it any other way. Pure and utter BS.

Firstly, the amount of CBD oil required to make a product 'effective', would cost way more than the average person could afford.

Secondly, it's Illegal (I'll say it over and over)

Let's think mathematically. Simple math. My analogy.

Imagine you put a drop of liquid dish soap in your kitchen sink. You get bubbles, you wash your dishes. Take that same drop and put it in your tub. How many bubbles now? How clean will your dishes get?

How effective would a bath bomb with CBD oil be in your tub? Not at all. Maybe in your sink (but still unlikely). Perhaps in a small foot bath?

It's marketing, playing on your pain. Playing on your emotions. It just isn't mathematically feasible that it would work. The hot water from the bath works for joint and muscle pain. The salts in the bath bomb work for sore joints and muscle pain. Your brain thinks it works, because you're relaxed and soaking, not from the miniscule amount of CBD oil in the bath bomb.

It's mathematically impossible that one drop in a tub full of water will have any physical effect. In other words, you've just wasted $10+ hard earned dollars on a notion, a claim, a hope, Snake oil. Utter BS claims.

Sadly, You've been duped by a marketing scheme, AND it's Illegal.

All that being said, sure, the ointments in small tins containing CBD oil, MAY be slightly effective, but remember, the oil is in balm form, that adhere's to your skin, and the CBD content would have to be really elevated, and doesn’t really absorb well through all those layers of skin and fat and muscle, to actually reach and assist your painful joint. Save your $50+ on the salve/balm and use a massage oil. The act of massaging an oil, any oil, into your skin is actually MORE beneficial. Adding a few 'hot' essential oils and Emu oil (which has the ability to deeply penetrate skin layers), really works wonders, and is very cost effective too.

I don't want to come across as judgy or pessimistic. I'm just giving you facts, based on data, AND it's illegal to create, sell, purchase and consume UNLESS you're a licensed, regulated establishment.

I'm all for smoking a joint, eating a gummy, cbd drops you take orally (that actually have a positive effect), and in moderation of course. What I dislike immensely is the misinformation, false claims and money hungry bull$hitters profiting off of your pain.

Caveat Emptor - Let The Buyer Beware!


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Unknown member
Oct 14, 2022

What a great read! Love learning from you! Now I know to only spend my money with you! ❤️

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