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A Truly Masterful Healing Herb

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

I've personally been growing and using comfrey for decades. It's a top medicinal herb, originating from the UK, utilized for centuries for any number of ailments. The medicinal plant was brought to North America over 100 years ago by British emigrants and has spread like wild fire, often found growing along country roads in the ditches. If you're lucky enough to have a plant, read up on it. It has so mamy amazing benefits. The leaves, stem and root each offer healing power. My plant below is approx. 4' 6" tall and has just flowered in the past couple of days, and has become a haven for bees of all kinds.

It's a controvertial plant in the medical profession, however, it's used in abundance by natural healers and natural health practitioners.

I've successfully used the mashed leaves for broken toes, stings and topical rashes of all sorts, and have had rapid healing of each ailment. I do not recommend ingesting the herb, as there are health risks, but rather use it topically for any of the aformentioned conditions.

Comfrey oil is an ingredient in my Tattoo Balm, and also included in all batches of my Eczema Butters and Diaper Salves.

When you apply comfrey to your skin, it can have great benefits on rashes and other skin irritations. The high content of antioxidants, as well as vitamin C, makes comfrey pastes and salves the ideal solution for speeding up the healing of wounds. Antioxidants also help eliminate foreign substances in the body and prevent cell death, while vitamin C’s importance in producing collagen means that it is necessary to produce new skin cells for healing.

If you’re suffering from any sort of chronic pain in your body or if you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, applying comfrey salves and lotions to those areas can quickly soothe that pain. Analgesic qualities in herbs are particularly valuable, and the organic compounds and antioxidants found in comfrey serve that purpose quite nicely for aches and pains. In a similar way as the analgesic substances in comfrey, the various organic compounds, like saponins and tannins, also serve as anti-inflammatory components of this powerful herb.

One of this herbal remedy’s nickname is knitbone because it can help speed up the healing process for broken bones, as well as other injuries. It is also rich in calcium, which is a key ingredient in bone growth.

The unique combination of organic compounds found in comfrey can stimulate the regrowth of bone minerals, by facilitating more efficient uptake and use of these minerals within the body.

If you are suffering from a spider bite to a bad case of eczema, comfrey can help alleviate the symptoms and reduce irritation. A combination of vitamin C, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds makes this the perfect solution for skin irritations of all kinds, from psoriasis to acne.

A true vision of beauty and exceptional herbal remedy.

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