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2020 and Covid-19

As we watch the world around us shutting down, it is NOT a time to panic, but it IS a time to be proactive. A time to practice due diligence, to protect yourself and your family AND the most vulnerable, immuno- compromised among us.

If you cannot readily wash your hands, carrying a small hand sanitizer, and using it after touching these surfaces is a VERY good idea, in light of the Covid-19 epidemic. Grocery cart handles, variety store door handles (or any door handle for that matter) and grocery conveyor belts should be added to the list.

I have sold out of prepared sanitizer overnight, however, I am making more. I've also requested a rush on a large order on more 99.9% Isopropyl alcohol, which should arrive mid to end of next week. This alone as a spray is a very effective sanitizer for hard surfaces. Mixed proportionately with aloe vera gel or liquid is a great hand sanitizer.

I have a fair amount of soap and foaming hand wash available. Get in touch if you need it.

During the disruption to our everyday lives, I say this...Stay calm, stay focused, live life (just a little more cautiously than you're used to). In a few years, we'll look back and be grateful that we heeded good advice, kept our hands clean, avoided hugs and handshakes, avoided crowds, stayed home if we felt unwell and that governments around the planet took stringent measures to keep us as safe as possible. 😷

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