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Biodegradable Shower/Tub/Tile Cleaner

🔥Shower/Tub/Tile Cleaner & Soap Scum Remover🔥

100% Plant based, Biodegradable, People/Pet/Earth Friendly

What it can do....

Breaks up stubborn body grease, dirt, and grime and dissolves old, hard, caked-on soap scum. Effectively gets tub and shower deep cleaned. Has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties from the essential oils.

Removes hard water spots on faucets. Helps treat and prevent mold & mildew.

Leaves everything (tub, shower, tile, faucet, glass shower doors) shiny and sparkling.

This cleaner smells so fresh, and it does all of this with pretty much no work on my part – I just spray it and leave it. It does all the work. Let spray sit for an hour or so, and voila! You shouldn't need to scrub or even wipe it down. I simply rinse with hot water and that’s it. Glass shower doors are sparkling clear, and everything is shiny and freshened up.


Shake bottle to combine ingredients.

Spray on shower, tub, tile, faucet, and glass shower doors. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes (and as long as overnight, if needed). If it's really dirty, go read a book, have a glass of wine or cup of tea and let the cleaner do all of your work for you. Scrub with loofah, if needed. Rinse with hot water and marvel at the hard work you didn't have to do. All the soap scum, hard water spots, dirt and grime will be gone. You’ll have a shiny shower, sparkly faucet, and gleaming tub, that smell clean & fresh.

Please note: Do not use on granite or marble. The acetic acid could eat away at the surface and cause pitting.

Caution: like all soap, this cleaner can make your tub/shower floor a little slippery, so rinse well.


Biodegradable Shower/Tub/Tile Cleaner




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