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ALL Soaps Are Not The Same....Some Are Downright Dangerous!!

We've become so accustomed to walking into our grocers or drug store to purchase our personal care products, like laundry soap, body washes, deodorants, shaving creams and bar soaps.

We see advertisements promising super clean, super soft, non-drying and nourishing formulations. There's ALWAYS lovely people, lovely laundry rooms, lovely hair, lovely homes. These ads seep into our subconscious, where they sit hidden until we find ourselves grabbing that product off the shelf.

For the most part, these products work as well as they're touted by the advertisers....UNTIL your hair begins to hang lifeless or fall out, your laundry has build up and no longer comes clean, your skin is too greasy or extremely dry. I could go on and on.....These problems occur when our clothing and bodies get chemical fatigue.

If you read the ingredients, it's pretty hard to decipher what they actually are. There's water or deionized water, a bunch of gibberish we can't pronounce, the odd familiar word like 'shea' or 'cocoa' thrown in, and a bunch of other unpronounceables! It's a pretty intimidating practice, reading labels. What the heck is phenoxyethanol or that other stuff anyways?

With the onslaught of cancers, asthmas, allergies and other illnesses wreaking havoc around the world, it makes sense to check your ingredients. Find out what's in the products you and your family eat and what you apply to both yours and their bodies! What you spray/diffuse into your home is frightening too. In most cases your indoor air is dirtier than the outdoor air! Perfumes/fragrance oils and the like are proprietary, so the manufacturers are under no obligation to disclose the ingredients. Let's just say that that favourite scent of yours is more than likely a huge group of chemicals, combined to produce that lovely (headache inducing) scent in your bar of soap, laundry detergent and perfume.

It doesn't take much to realize that the ingredient list below can not possibly be good for you. Guess what it is? Scroll down and try to read it!! Dove soap for sensitive skin!!! That's right! I was surprised too! The beauty bar that has the most inclusive ads. The most Natural looking women. Just another gimmick to get 'normal' you to purchase their cheap to produce chemical concoctions. Certainly not the most natural of ingredients! Glycerin and water are the only ingredients on the whole list that aren't a manufactured chemical or chemical compound!! Yuck!

Be careful out there, exercise your due diligence and Caveat Emptor (buyer beware).

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